What Is a Dealer in Poker?



A dealer is an individual who deals cards during a round of poker. The role of a dealer varies from one poker game to another, but in general, a player takes turns in being the dealer. Each round of the game, a player takes a turn as the dealer and is designated by a dealer chip that is passed to a new player. Certain betting rules vary depending on where the dealer sits. In addition, the dealer’s chip is usually used for blinds.

In this type of poker, the aim is to have the best possible hand using your cards. The goal is to bet until you’re out of all the other players, and then the winner of the hand takes the entire pot. There’s also a pot limit, which limits your betting range to only the amount of money in the pot. Once you’ve determined your limits, you can begin betting. Just be sure to bet at the beginning of a hand.

There are three basic forms of poker. The first one is draw poker, which involves the use of a single deck of 52 cards. Other games use more packs and/or jokers. In any case, the cards are ranked from Ace high to Ace low. The highest hand wins. Poker hands can also have Wild Cards, which can be any card, depending on the suit of the other players’ cards. Traditionally, the winner is the person with the highest hand.